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Megan M. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Bilingual European School
Milano, MI
An amazing way to "put your story on a map!"
Tour Builder is a tool with endless possibilities. It could be used in any subject area and with a wide range of student ages and abilities. It takes everything complicated about creating a tour in Google Earth and makes it simple. It allows you to add locations, images, videos and descriptions in a user friendly way. When choosing locations it also allows you to zoom in (or out) to a specific part of the location. You can also add dates to your location which could be helpful if you were creating a historical timeline. One feature that doesn't exist (which my student wanted) was an ability to have a central location which you return back to. For example: Toronto to Ottawa, back to Toronto, to Vancouver, back to Toronto. It appears to only follow a linear sequence. You can also add multiple photos (up to 25) to a given location or Youtube videos. One feature which could improve Google Earth tours is to make the tool collaborative. I have been asked by many teachers if students can work on the same tour simultaneously, and at this point, this isn't possible. I think adding this would greatly improve the tool. I also think an app version of this tool would be a great option, especially for younger students. The sharing options for Tours are extremely straightforward, and I love the option to download it as a KML file. Here you could also record audio to further enhance your Tour using another tool, while the tour plays on earth. Overall, this is a great tool to bring research, ideas and stories to life!
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