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todaysmeet can be used for more than a quick reply...

DeeAnne C.
Technology Instruction and Intigration
Union East Elementary School
Cheektowaga, United States
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My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Individual
Knowledge gain
Small group
Student-driven work
Teacher-led lessons
Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
Low literacy
Special needs
How I Use It
I continually recommend this site. It is very easy to set up a meet. Users do not have to set up or have an account to be able to use the site. As a teacher, you can easily select the duration of the meet; hour, days, etc. Once meet is set up, the website is shared. Participants are required to add a name to participate. Once meet is complete, a printing option is available. AND…it is not blocked in my district. There are so many, many applications, but I often use it as a quick response quiz with my students (grades k – 5). The quick quiz, is a fun fast way for students to show their knowledge and earn a few extra points. I create a meet or even separate meets with specific quiz questions. Students have to “quickly” post their answers to the question(s) to earn points. As we know, it is very easy for someone to see a posted answer before they even begin to post their answer, so I vary the points. The first 3 students to add the correct answer gets full 5 points. Anyone else that answers correctly gets 1 point. This way even if someone is copying someone's answer, they are still re-visiting the correct answer. My favorite use is a version of a scavenger hunt; “speed meetings” to reinforce internet search and citing techniques with my students. I have a several meets open at the same time. Each meeting has a specific question – an open ended question that allows for more than one answer (eg. Name an attribute of The Statue of Liberty). Each team or individual needs to quickly find an “additional” answer and cite the resource where they find the answer. This forces the students to read the answers already applied to the meet and then add an additional "new"answer that has not already been added to the meet. Once an answer for one meet is found, they can move on to the next meet. At the end of experience, I display and often print out the meets and we discuss variance of answers, validity of resources used, etc. we may even investigate some of the sites to see why a different answer. I plan to use this as a first day of school icebreaker for my students, each identifying themselves and adding specific information about themselves. Once information is gathered, use it for students to classify, comparing, etc. using other tools (venns, etc). I also plan to team it with the website http://wonderopolis.org/ where the students are pondering the displayed picture and creating their "I wonder" questions. They can type their "I wonder" questions in a meet, for the rest of the class to see as they are all wondering. Then, once they have watched the informational video associated with the picture.add the answers to the questions to the meet.
My Take
My students have always been enthusiastic about the many activities associated with the use of Today’s meet. It is so easy to prepare, use, and to participate. Anyone can set it up and share it in minutes. If it is only used in one way, I am sure it will become tedious, but if the lesson application varies, it will still hold student attention. Teachers will need to be creative with use and not use it for an extended period of time if only used in one way. It can easily be incorporated into kindergarten lessons through staff development. The fact that it is free and no membership is needed is worth a try.