Community Reviews for The Compassion Project


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Community Rating
Dr. Alecia B.
Nap Ford Community School
Orlando, United States
Submitted November 30, 2020
Foothill School
Orem, United States
Alyssa F.
Horseheads Intermediate School
Horseheads, United States
Submitted November 17, 2020
victoria t.
Fay Elementary School
San Diego, United States
Submitted June 2, 2020
Olivia L.
Shadow Valley Elementary School
Ogden, United States
S E.
Three Rivers School
Pembroke, United States
Heather B.
Eastside Elementary School
Anderson, United States
Submitted May 29, 2020
Milissa R.
Itasca School District 10
Itasca, United States
Marge M.
V H Nelson Elementary School
Niles, United States
Barbie F.
Mesa Community College
Mesa, United States
Submitted May 7, 2020
Students Liked It100%
Students Learned100%