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a versatile tool for active learning - easy to build upon

Sheilan K.
Classroom teacher
Venture Academy
Stockton, United States
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My Subjects Math, Arts, Health & Wellness
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My Students Liked It Yes
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Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Creation
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How I Use It
Ted-Ed is a helpful platform for teachers to use to educate themselves on a given topic, to find interesting short films on unusual and interesting topics, and to introduce students briefly to new ideas and applications. I see this as an established foundation that can be built upon to individually customize lessons - to use the videos that exist and then switch out or add to the quizzes with questions that are more applicable to the exact lesson you want your students to get out of the experience (the existing questions can be hit or miss in their quality). Another area ripe for customization is the 'dig deeper' section, where I would add onto the existing information with any more relevant links or information for further reference. Since you can create a lesson based on any Ted or Youtube video, there's also plenty of potential in using it as a tool for students to upload their own content, create lessons to teach the class or to demonstrate their own comprehension, and even to practice creating their own video content and uploading an entirely custom-made lesson to use in any way imaginable.
My Take
Ted Ed provides the framework for students and teachers alike to learn individually or in a group, as well as to create custom content to engage others in learning. The tool is versatile, but I see it mostly as a platform for customization, since a majority of the lessons tend toward the superficial side, asking some fairly obvious questions that engage the audience for listening comprehension but not too much critical thinking. This site can be used by teachers or students, in various applications, and at any point in a unit/lesson to introduce ideas or demonstrate learning. I think the most exciting part of it is the potential for students to create their own content, utlizing Ted-Ed's easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing platform to do so, rather than start from scratch elsewhere, or spend much more time creating a similar experience that looks equally as good.