Teacher Review for TED-Ed

Realistic, Entertaining, Math Videos

Stephanie C.
Classroom teacher
Currey Ingram Academy
Brentwood, United States
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My Subjects Math
My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Further application
Whole class
Great with General
How I Use It
I use Ted-Ed in my classroom for an introduction of a topic or for furthering our knowledge of a math topic. The students see how the topics we are learning in class are used in real life situations. After learning about Pi, the students watched the video "Pi with Pies". They enjoyed seeing how they used pies to see the relationship between Pi and circumference when working with a circle. The students enjoyed the unique way that Pi was found in the Ted-Ed video and it led us to our class activity of finding the circumference of circular objects with a string. It would have been nice to have had an example where they got 3.14 instead of 3.13 when finding Pi. I used Ted-Ed with my middle school math students in a lesson where the students were able to see the relationship between circumference and Pi. I also used this video as an introduction to a project completed in class. My students were able to see how Pi and circumference work together and they were able to get an idea of the activity we were going to complete in class. The Ted-Ed video "Pi with Pies" was a great introduction to my activity.
My Take
My take on Ted-Ed is that it is a great way for the students to take what they are learning in math class and further their knowledge of that topic. This is something I will continue to use in my class. A Ted-Ed video is a great tool for STEAM classrooms. I like that Ted-Ed takes math topics I use in my classroom and shows how they can be used in real life situations. Ted-Ed could serve my students and myself better by coming up with real life math videos about more advanced topics. My students love seeing how the topics we are learning in class change our everyday lives. Overall, this is a good website for introducing topics or showing how math topics are used in the real world.