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Ted-Ed: Health

From personal to global health, relevant and engaging videos inform

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  • Health & Wellness

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Ted-Ed's Health collection examines concepts like consumer health, nutrition, physical fitness, and emotional health through the use of fun and informative video clips and teaching resources. Many clips also feature global health concerns, such as antibiotic resistance. The module is best suited for health, biology, or life-skills educators -- you'll be able to emphasize and extend the relevance of the content already in your curriculum. As your students have questions, be sure to highlight the Dig Deeper resources, especially for personal-health questions some might not want to ask out loud in class. The site's online discussion forums could be another way for kids to ask potentially uncomfortable or embarassing questions.

You can use the lessons as is, or use them as templates open to your customization with Ted Ed's opening prompts, Dig Deeper resources, or discussion-forum questions. You can even modify the multiple-choice or open-response Think questions. These videos and lessons are bound to be most effective when they're seamlessly integrated into your curriculum.

Standout videos: 

  • "The cancer gene we all have"
  • "Sugar: Hiding in plain sight"
  • "What happens when you get heat stroke?"

Full Disclosure: TED-Ed and Common Sense Education share a funder; however, that relationship does not impact Common Sense Education's editorial independence and this learning rating.

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Bethany R. , School district administrator
School district administrator
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Timely, engaging, informative videos about health concepts that matter to students.
The video clips from Ted-Ed’s Health collection are fun, informative, and help students learn about important health topics. The collection includes topics such as nutrition, physical fitness, emotional health, consumer health, and public health. The clips are timely and feature relevant content that matters to students presented in an engaging format. This site is useful for science, health, and physical education teachers. The site also includes the following resources: Think (short questions to test ...
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