Teacher Review for Tagxedo

Great Comparison and Contrast Tool for Primary Sources

Kirk P.
Legacy High School
Broomfield, United States
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How I Use It
I use this tool to have students loo at the larger theme of a certain document and then compare it to another Tagxedo jpeg from another document to look for similarities and differences. You can have students create Tagxedos of school classroom rule, of ideas for the classroom, as an introduction to a topic of study, and as a brainstorming tool to launch a lesson. The designs are funky and fun. I don't like the sales pitch of the site (What to buy) but for the usefulness of the site-- I will tolerate it as it is not very "loud" on the page.Thanks Tagxedo for taking Wordle one step up!
My Take
Although a simple tool it can be a great vocabulary and word aggregator for primary sources and can help students connect to the larger themes of a complex document. As a teaching tool it is amazing as it helps to deconstruct the words in a document and gives students a chance to closely loock at word choice by the creator of the document. It is easy to use, fast and simple, and the outcome jpeg can be shared with other audiences through two simple clicks.