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StudySync: Texts -- Grades 6-8

Fab resource for differentiated texts, both contemporary and classic

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StudySync's Grade 6-8 module offers students and teachers both classic and contemporary texts accompanied by multimedia materials and Common Core-aligned activities. Assignments can be given to individual students, specific groups, or a whole class, and can incorporate many of StudySync's offerings -- from reading and writing lessons to SyncTV clips and interactive Blasts.

Save yourself some time and select texts that come with a lesson plan -- just two quick clicks on the library tab's search option. This way, you'll have the same number of supplementary activities and assessments to choose from. Note that not all of the lower-level texts in the sixth through eighth grade band come with a lesson plan and SyncTV. To give your class a great shared experience, opt for a Blast -- a collection of topical questions that encourage discussion and debate. Students enter their responses and rate their peers’ answers (anonymously).

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B L. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Not a Complete Curriculum
In my opinion the product should be used as an extra piece that allows practice for a particular skill. As the core teaching resource for language arts it falls short in both the texts used and the access and depth of the skills taught. They have videos for the texts and skills which can be useful (although they often aren't able to load in a timely manner). These videos are engaging to students who are on grade level, but can leave our below grade level and English learners confused because of the ...
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