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StudySync: Texts -- Grades 4-5

Great selection of texts, prompts engage kids at a range of levels

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StudySync's 4th and 5th grade texts offer 83 titles. Most of these are fiction, but there are also nonfiction and poetry texts available. All of the titles here come with thought-provoking questions, and some include extras like lesson plans and videos that model critical text discussions for students.

Within the wide age range of texts available, not all of the themes will be right for every fourth- or fifth-grader; know your students and consider their maturity level when choosing the best texts for your class. Choosing texts that have lesson plans and SyncTV clips can help you save time, but don't ignore the other texts as there's a lot of great non-fiction to be explored, as well. Find age-appropriate Blasts to get your kids super engaged with reading, researching, and critical thinking. Beyond the Blasts, challenge kids to connect the themes in the texts to their lives outside of school.

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