Updated July 2014

StudySync: Texts -- Grades 11+

Excellent resource for engaging nonfiction, especially with SyncTV

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If you're searching for a resource with quality nonfiction texts, you've come to the right place. Teachers can give assignments to individuals, groups, or a whole class -- they can also use the platform themselves for cross-curricular and/or thematic planning. Nearly all of the texts (456 of them, to be precise) on the site are recommended for 11th grade and beyond. Even better, 157 of these texts are nonfiction.

Rather than surfing through more than 100 titles, you may want to focus on the texts that feature the SyncTV resource. These videos show college-age students discussing texts in true lit circle form. By 11th grade, these are the skills you want your students to have -- show them these models and then support your students in running their own groups and forums.

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