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Trevor T.
Wildwood Elementary School
Amherst, United States
Submitted March 6, 2014
Christine D.
The Joy School
Houston, United States
Nancy W.
Oak Ridge High School
Oak Ridge, United States
Alex V.
Wiley Elementary School
Urbana, United States
Marcia B.
Bement School
Deerfield, United States
Submitted August 30, 2013
Dawn M.
Cory Elementary School
Denver, United States
Submitted May 20, 2013
Morgan H.
Brewer Community School
Brewer, United States
Stephanie V.
University Of Central Arkansas
Conway, United States
Rachel R.
Defranco Elementary School
Bangor, United States
Submitted April 15, 2013
Scott R S.
Spencer County Public Schools
Taylorsville, United States
Submitted April 11, 2013
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Kerry R.
Professional Children's School
New York, United States
Heddi C.
Discovery Learning Center
Santa Cruz, United States
Students Liked It98%
Students Learned94%