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I love the idea of tracking time spent on websites and the fact that it's choice driven, but would like more focus on what I'm reading and cataloging my resources.

Steve I.
Classroom teacher
William Annin Middle School
Basking Ridge, United States
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My Subjects Arts
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How I Use It
StackUp is a chrome extension that tracks your time spent online. When I originally learned about it I was very excited that the intent was to track reading online and websites visited with the amount of time spent on them. This is a great way to gamify reading online. I keep it running in the background and periodically check the stats. There is a badging system built and it's neat to see the amount of time tracked.
My Take
I was especially excited by the prospect of tracking my time doing research and reading online. My initial impression was that it would record the websites I spent time on and how long I am actively using the site. That's pretty sharp from a data analytic standpoint. I come to find that I spend most of my time in email and social networking. No big surprise there, but it kind of clouds the aspect that I am interested in which is time spent learning / reading online. Granted, I learn so much on twitter, but just seeing an amount of time on twitter doesn't paint that picture so well. I would love to see a more detailed list of websites that I spend time on as it would serve as a great bookmarking tool due to the authentic nature of it maintaining sites I clearly found worthwhile. I think the product has incredible potential and look forward to seeing it grow and provide a great resource for students and educators in terms of tracking reading progress. I LOVE that it captures everything in the background as the student or educator does not need to do anything aside from setting up the extension and leaving it all. It's fascinating to see how much time I am spending online and how it is broken down. As I mentioned, for me it will become more useful when I can see it in terms of content that I actually read, rather than just my online behavior. I would also love to see a way to merge several gmail accounts as I use 3 separate accounts. Granted, I can set up different profiles in chrome and run the extension in each so it could easily capture all of my reading as long as I am logged into one of those accounts. I am excited to watch StackUp evolve as the potential is incredible.