Community Reviews for Soundtrap


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Community Rating
Tracy W.
Gorham Middle School
Gorham, United States
Heath J.
McConnell Middle School
Loganville, United States
Submitted December 28, 2018
Amy B.
Far Hills Country Day School
Far Hills, United States
Submitted December 28, 2018
Marjorie L.
East Brunswick High School
East Brunswick, United States
Submitted December 21, 2018
Sabrina B.
Laurens-Marathon Community School District
Laurens, United States
Shawna Longo L.
Hopatcong Middle School
Hopatcong, United States
Fe C.
Palmetto High School
Williamston, United States
Shelley E.
Swan River School
Bigfork, United States
Submitted December 19, 2018
Submitted December 19, 2018
Don N.
McDonogh School
Owings Mills, United States
Devri F.
The Global Learning Collaborative
New York, United States
Submitted August 10, 2017
Sean A.
District 75 Central
New York, United States
Students Liked It100%
Students Learned100%