Teacher Review for Socrative

Socrative is an upbeat, fun, and simple tool that presents a plethora of opportunities.

Nicholas W.
Classroom teacher
Blue Valley High School
Stilwell, United States
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My Subjects Math, Science
My Rating
Learning Scores
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Knowledge gain
Small group
Teacher-led lessons
Whole class
Great with General
How I Use It
I used Socrative at the end of class to see how much my students comprehended the lesson. My class size is very small, so when students work at different paces, it is apparent. Students became obsessed with getting the right answer and not with knowing how to get the answer, so I consider the web tool a dud (for math & physics problems).
My Take
Socrative is an upbeat, fun, and simple tool that presents a plethora of opportunities. Essentially an online test builder, the tool not only finds a home within academia but also within the workplace. Students can receive instant feedback on their comprehension, while a tech-savvy worker can assess the effectiveness of his presentations to coworkers. The simplistic account setup is attractive to the weary newcomers of the twenty-first century. Armed only with an email, zip code, and school name, a teacher quickly defeats the account setup, and proceeds to the meat and potatoes of the website. Despite its merit thus far, Socrative’s test creation struggles with intuition and reliability. For example, the test-creating forum often glitches out—rendering an unresponsive page, and forcing the test creator to rethink the life choices that led him to Socrative. Test creation is as deceptive as it is frustrating: users are prompted to merely enter a question with respective answers, yet feel helpless when the site rejects their efforts. On the contrary, most teachers who reviewed Socrative online seem undismayed by its clunky mannerisms. A middle school teacher Mary H. finds it “some[what] cumbersome…but this was only a minor inconvenience,” somehow able to look past the flaws in her beloved Socrative. Anthony D., pumping out another positive review, believes it to be “an essential tool for educators,” relishing in his gaining a deeper understanding of his students’ knowledge—and lack thereof. In regards to the mobile version of Socrative, many reviewers were definitely not pleased with the Android app. Saziya Shaheen, only giving the app one star, describes it as follows: “Vry bad I wish I cud give dis app any minus star. This is a vry bad app dnt dwnload jst waste of tym. Evy tym I tried 2 log in or register nthng happnd. It keeps on staring at me as if it dnt knw wat 2 do. Vry bad app. Hated it.” In all seriousness, however, it appears the Android app does, in fact, have many glitches, and some teachers ran into a slew of issues. Notwithstanding, both the Android and iPhone versions of these apps come in at four stars—the positive raters apparently not leaving corresponding positive reviews. Overall, I believe that Socrative should be used in both classrooms and skyscrapers. Shorts quizzes can be effective in teaching the tester everything he needs to know about his peers, keeping the audience engaged in discussion and understanding, and preparing him to better mold the minds of his pupils; thus, Socrative is truly an “essential tool for educators.” Works Cited D, A. (2014, August 8). Student engagement teacher feedback = data driven instruction! Retrieved October 6, 2014, from /website/socrative-teacher-review/3994891 H, M. (2014, April 22). Goodbye clickers....hello Socrative!! Retrieved October 6, 2014, from /website/socrative-teacher-review/3958146 Shaheen, S. (2014, July 29). Socrative Teacher. Retrieved October 6, 2014, from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.socrative.teacher