Teacher Review for Socrative

Socrative, while limiting in some aspects, offers teachers a quick and comprehensive way to gather formative feedback from their students.

Elizabeth N.
Technology coordinator
Westwood Middle School
Blaine, United States
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Setup Time 5-15 minutes
Great for Knowledge gain
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How I Use It
I am a technology focused instructional coach. I have trained all my staff on using Socrative in the classroom, and its use is common within our school (we are 1:1 with iPads). Overwhelmingly, teachers use this tool to gather quick formative assessment data. They find it most conducive as an "exit slip" or quick pre-test to inform their instruction in real time or for the next day's lesson. While some teachers have attempted to use this as a more comprehensive summative assessment tool, they've found that other tools work better for longer assessments (due to the aforementioned issues of reliability as well as inability to change submitted answers). The ability to project answers (without names), has also made this a nice tool for fostering classroom discussion. Overall, this has impacted instruction in our school by giving teachers a manageable and quick way to change their instruction based on formative feedback. Rather than having to sort through exit slips or try to gauge student understanding without solid data, teachers can get immediate feedback and reteach, modify, or move on accordingly.
My Take
I appreciate the fact that Socrative allows students to quickly be assessed in a variety of ways. The quick feedback offers kids the opportunity to reflect on their misunderstandings in real time like they've never been able to before, and the downloadable reports offer organized and easy to interpret data for teachers to use to inform their instruction -- immediately if they choose to. A few shortcomings of Socrative include occasional unreliable connections as well as the inability for students to go back and change answers once they have submitted them -- this has been a particular sticking point for our Special Education teachers who are trying to build the capacity within their students to be thoughtful and check their work. With regard to reliability, although we are an iPad district, we've found that going through the website actually works better than using the iOS app.