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Takes Away Student Rights, And Slows Down Computers !! (Parents + Teachers Beware)

Jessica G.
Counselor, psychologist, or social worker
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Securly was downloaded onto every school-issued laptop by Administration. At first it worked quite fine, blocking inappropriate and distracting websites. It seems that over time Securly has gotten new terms of service, which now ¨blocks¨ any, if not most, school websites. This is quite disheartening as it started out as quite a great service. It has gone quite far off of its original intended use, as now I have students coming to me saying when they log into their student account on other devices, Securly is now downloaded and can't be removed. Now their personal devices are stuck with a "blocker" that destroys CPU usage until they either factory reset their devices or get a new one.
My Take
Personally, I don't like it. As stated before, it limits student's privacy and from what I've read of other articles, it steals your data as well.