Teacher Review for Schoology

Lots of promises unfulfilled: a great disappointment.

Euodia S.
Classroom teacher
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My Subjects Social Studies, English-Language Learning
My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It No
My Students Learned No
I Would Recommend It No
Setup Time 5-15 minutes
Great for Teacher-led lessons
How I Use It
I started quite excited to learn how to navigate this LMS because of the amazing things I thought it could do. The grading (automatically grading students according to weightage you customise), assessments (for homework, assignments etc), badges (as extrinsic rewards to encourage students), attendance, report card, storage and sharing of files, discussions, online quizzes, networking, extension apps (youtube and google drive). I actively used all these. BUT they always had glitches.
My Take
Every function I used has a drawback. Keeping in mind that we pay quite a sum of money for this app a year, I found myself turning to other free apps instead, during the MCO. grading (automatically grading students according to weightage you customise) - this worked well but due to problems with the assessments, the grading function cannot be used. Instead, I had to use Markboard, a free online tool that does the same things with more user friendly features. assessments (for homework, assignments etc) - my students often upload items in front of me only to find their work missing because of a glitch from Schoology. I find this a very serious problem. badges (as extrinsic rewards to encourage students) - this works fine but there is no function to see overall as a whole school for the coordinator/principals view attendance - not too bad but then it glitched for one of my batch and all the attendance was erased magically. report card - this one was the silliest. Parents could see everything, including when teachers are halfway uploading marks. I don’t think parents need to see the process and the in between as we are discussing how and what the grades should be like. They should only see the final. But then when we click for the grades to be unseen, the principal/coordinator is not able to see the results. storage and sharing of files - it would be great if there is a drag and drop function. You will find that uploading and downloading files is more difficult than doing it on Google Drive, Wakelet, Trello or even Padlet. Why pay so much for something you can do for free. discussions - this is one of the few things I like and have no problems with. online quizzes - this is the worst. Imagine your student has typed an essay in and then submitted it. The notifications show they have submitted but it cannot be seem anywhere in Schoology. When contacting support, their response is that the student needs to re-submit. This has happened many times. I hate it when my students are affected. networking - it has the same interface as Facebook, which makes it easy to connect with educators around fhe world. However, I can use Facebook for this so why pay so much for Schoology? extension apps (youtube and google drive) - they have many apps that you have to pay for in order to use. Which makes no sense because I can use those apps outside of Schoology so why pay more just to be able to use it THROUGH Schoology.