Teacher Review for Redbird Mathematics

The go-to resource for learning math concepts in a fun and personalized way!

My Rating
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
How I Use It
After teaching the lesson in class, I would let students use Redbird to reinforce their concepts and work on whatever skills need improvement. It's a great tool for homework because the kids can also monitor their progress, which is great because I can work one-on-one with them on any specific questions they may have. You can even have kids work ahead of their grade if they've reached that level!
My Take
I think Redbird Mathematics is a great tool for individualized learning. Teachers are able to see the progress that kids are making (whether they're behind, on-track, or ahead) and help students one-on-one with any questions they may have. There's a multitude of fun exercises, games, and activities that go along with each lesson. The STEM projects and activities help keep students focused and interactive with the software. It's really nice how there's a real world connection at the end, because students love seeing how math is applicable to their lives.