Teacher Review for ReadWriteThink

Interactive tools within website allows for student independence in use

DeeAnne C.
Technology Instruction and Intigration
Union East Elementary School
Cheektowaga, United States
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How I Use It
I continually recommend the use of the website Read Write Think to teachers; specifically for incorporation of the interactive tools with the website. The tools are easy to use and allow for independent student use via built in “how to use” resources. I incorporate many of the tools into activities for each grade level I teach; grades k – 5. I use them for the actual lesson activity or to support/compliment lessons. Two of my favorite interactive resources with Read Write Think include: 1) The timeline has recently been updated to allow for ease in revisions, information resource citing, information can be added below or above line, more detailed descriptions, external saving of completed information, and printing. 2) The cube creator can be used for any subject and allows students to type six pieces of information (one for each side of cube). It includes a printable planning sheet and once all information is included a printable cube pattern can be printed for students to create a tangible, 3D cube. I have incorporated the use of both the above tools in several projects that a timeline or separation, sequence of events aid in clarification of facts, sequence, etc.
My Take
The Read Write Think site includes many types of resources for more than just teachers. My extended use is with the interactive resources within this site, which allows for students to independently complete the interactive tools; whether it be a timeline, bio cube, etc. There are not many bells and whistles for the tools, but the fact that students are able to enter and edit information in an interactive format makes the students more apt and excited about using the resources. The tools within the site, seem to be specifically created to adapt to lessons teachers often implement. The site has updated several of the tools that I often use with students, for ease in use and better application. The site is so large that I have not explored everything. The site includes lesson plans, worksheets, categorized links to communication, searchable content, and more. A new addition is the video section. There is so much information included on this website that it is a little overwhelming, but for a free resource there is so much potential for learning and inclusion.