Teacher Review for Reading Eggs

Engaging tool to introduce computer use AND letter formation, phonics, and spelling to K & 1 students!

Tatyana G.
Technology coordinator
Head-Royce School
Oakland, United States
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I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time More than 15 minutes
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How I Use It
This is a product that we have used for 2 years in our kindergarten classroom, and have recently introduced into our 1st grade classroom. The setup time takes about an hour to import students, and then rename the default generated usernames to something more stardardized that can be used for multiple sites. It's a great introductory activity for the K & 1 students, because not only is in engaging, differentiated, self-directed, but also helps the kids to practice such skills and the use of a mouse (double-clicking, drag and drop, etc.) Also, the teacher console allows you to track the student's progress. We have not yet explored Reading Eggspress, but are looking forward to integrating this tool into "centers" or "stations" in both grade levels. It's great because it works across laptops and iPads, and even iPhones, and you have the option to allow parents to use with students at home, or just restrict it to at school use. I don't see any reason to disable the home use, unless you are following a very structured curriculum (created by the educator not the website). As a side note, you can choose between American, British, Australian accents for the characters to add a little diversity to the experience for the kids.
My Take
I am very much a supporter of this tool to engage kids to learn the concepts presented in this site. Their school pricing is very reasonable, and it gives teachers an opportunity to let kids settle into an activity and integrate it into their classroom as either a whole class activity on laptops or iPads, set up stations, or work with learning specialists to work individually with students.