Teacher Review for Radio Rookies

Professional Podcast Experiences for NYC-Based Students

Steve T.
Technology coordinator
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How I Use It
WNYC, the producer of nationally syndicated public radio programs such as "Studio 360," "On the Media," and "Radiolab" has created a program for New York City teens in five different boroughs within the city in which students learn the basics of radio journalism and produce their own episodes. Disclaimer: As I am not a resident of New York City nor I have not used the project in this way. My rating is based on my predictions as to how such a program would be used in the classroom and received by students. Nonetheless, teachers across the country and the world can make use of the model, either by partnering with their local public broadcasting station, or by using the Radio Rookies as inspiration for their students to create school podcasts.
My Take
Podcasts - at least good podcasts - tell engaging stories, inform, entertain, and provoke. They draw from a palette of music and sound effects to further enhance the experience. A well produced piece will be concisely worded, articulate, and pleasing to the ear. Editing of audio recording is relatively easy, but the addition of sound-effects and music can be tricky at first. The skills gained from podcast production are generalizable to many other forms of narrative and reporting. Students of all ages and abilities can participate in making and producing podcasts. Readers may be interested in listening to a podcast made made by autistic students at http://www.autismradio.org/.