Teacher Review for Quora

Crowd-sourced information that can be mixed in reliability, but can be nice for critical review by students.

Kirk P.
Legacy High School
Broomfield, United States
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How I Use It
I have used this in several ways including: A. I have students search using the tool to find out what stories and topics are trending on the tool as well as in the media giving them perspective about multiple sources of media and access to information. B. I like to have students select one blog or narrative and have them cross check the information for accuracy and then cite and prove the opinions expressed and determine the point of view. C. It works really well to have students formulate a rebuttal and then cite the reasoning and research behind their response. D. Consider having students anser a question on the tool or provide an explanation . (This can be done anonymously but we use a classroom account to maintain privacy.
My Take
This can work with several different Common Core Standards but I like to use it in particular with RH.11-12.8 ( Evaluate an author’s premises, claims, and evidence by corroborating or challenging them with other information.) It provides information and media from around the world and is crowdsourced so not all of the information can be considered reliable. As a teaching tool it gives access to multiple perspectives on a subject, and gives primary sources to evaluate as well which can add a critical thinking layer to classroom instruction. The information can be spotty and many topics don't appear, but I use this as a way to have students look at what is trending in media so even this can be a tool for learning.