Teacher Review for Quizizz

Like other quiz apps, it works exactly as well as you make it.

My Rating
Learning Scores
Setup Time 5-15 minutes
Great for Individual
Small group
Student-driven work
Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
Low literacy
Special needs
How I Use It
I use this for homework quizzes because my district hasn't added the Kahoot app to our district devices. I also occasionally use it as a "when you're done" activity during individual work, because the most amazing part of this website is that the kids don't have to start playing at the same time. They really get a kick out of working on it their hardest/fastest and then watching the screen as others start to see if they'll be beat. It really is a fun game. The thing that works against it the most is that it really, REALLY wants the students to all make accounts too. As a result, my kids are inundated by pop-ups telling them to log in or create an account or connect the Google they don't have because they're 6.
My Take
There's the usual with these apps- it only works as hard as you put into it. If you're just searching for quizzes that match the topic you're covering without doing much quality control, you'll confuse your kids with questions that don't use wording or methods you do, or ones that are just outright incorrect. Taking the time to create your own quizzes is crucial. I'll be very honest- my kids love the look of this game more than Kahoot, and they love that we can do homework games, but if/when my district gets the Kahoot app I'll be switching over to that indefinitely. This website is great, for sure, but it's just slightly less user-friendly. Creating quizzes is a little less intuitive than Kahoot, and my little students (1st and 2nd grade) often get confused/distracted by the "featured" quizzes shown on the entry screen. They're also confused by the constant popups telling them to log in or create an account, and many a 6 year old comes up to me going "I don't know what happened!" as they're redirected to a Google login screen. Overall, I strongly suggest this app if you're looking to differentiate using homework quizzes where the students can still see themselves racing against people taking the same quiz, and I loved it the few times I used it as a "when you're done" activity, but Kahoot with the app can do most of those things already and it's just more streamlined.