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Quiz app with MEMES as instant fun feedback!

Kimberly L.
Classroom teacher
West Valley Central School
West Valley, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, World Languages
My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Creation
Knowledge gain
Small group
Teacher-led lessons
Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
Low literacy
Special needs
How I Use It
I have used this educational quiz app with students in grades 7-10 in both ELA and in Spanish at various stages of a lesson- as a hook to prior knowledge at the start of a lesson, as a formative assessment check in the middle of a lesson and as a review tool at the end. We have 1:1 laptops but the program works on any device and can be used with mixed devices all at the same time which makes it great for BYOD. I have had students pair up when we had technical issues and as a differentiation tool for support of students with special needs. The students are fully engaged because of the modern bright colors and formatting that releases only one question at a time, competition that updates after each question and immediate fun feedback using popular memes. I also download the results from a session and save the file as data for documentation or reflection. Before I found Quizizz I had avoided using a free “game app” because of two concerns, both related to time management. First, I wondered, “Would it be a wise use of valuable class time since the only format for questions is multiple choice?” The answer to this has turned out to be a definite yes! I discovered that I can run a game quickly and get some useful information about students’ base level of knowledge from their ability to select the right answer. Second, I wondered, “Would it take too much of my time to prepare the games?” And the answer to this question has turned out to be a definite a no! I can usually find a quiz that someone else created and modify it in just minutes. You do need a strong internet connection for it to run smoothly. If a student’s screen freezes up, refreshing the browser window will usually fix it and save the already completed questions.
My Take
Quizizz is one of my favorite digital tools! It’s simple to find a quiz someone else created, click to duplicate the quiz, and then edit it and make it mine. I can delete questions I don’t want with one click. But the best creation feature is that I can add questions from other “quizizz” to mine right there with the search feature and the preview of questions in the right-hand pane of this same window. (Of course, I can also create my own questions.) Another great feature is the one-click file system that allows me to save “quizizz” and organize them in class folders for easy access later. Of course, the fun memes are what makes “Quizizz” stand out from the other educational quiz sites like “Kahoot.” Sadly, there are a few public sets available to choose from which is my only significant complaint. However, you can create your own and share meme sets with colleagues. Sharing memes was a new feature added in the July update. I think more public meme sets are coming soon as they’ve also introduced a way to nominate your set for the “Hall of Fame.” You can quickly toggle off the meme feature (Why would you want to?) as part of the options when you launch a quiz. The best option you can toggle on and off is the time feature that scores higher points for faster responses. I usually turn this one off so that students who read or think more slowly aren’t penalized. The best way to use Quizizz is live, but you can set them up as “homework” which would be especially useful for students who miss class to still get the practice (especially if you are saving the data). My last comments are especially for Spanish teachers. I just recently discovered that you can get SPANISH memes by clicking on the Spanish flag in the top right corner when you initially sign on to launch the quiz. ¡Que padre! ¿Vale? And you can quickly copy and paste the accented letters you need when creating a quiz by using: http://spanish.typeit.org/.