Teacher Review for Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere provides great visual results using word clouds

Carol O.
Media specialist/librarian
Beatrice High School
Beatrice, United States
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How I Use It
Poll Everywhere has many classroom uses. Beginning class with a poll is a great way to check for understanding yesterday's lesson. Using Poll Everywhere as an exit ticket gives teachers a quick way to see what they need to reteach, reinforce when they start class the next day. One really cool feature is the word cloud that can be created using Poll Everywhere. Ask students to use three words to describe something, and watch the word cloud form. Students love doing polls, and it is a great way to gather information quickly and in an engaging way.
My Take
Poll Everywhere is a great tool for teachers. It is easiest if you are 1:1 in the classroom. Poll Everywhere provides instant feedback to the teacher, providing them with direction when writing lesson plans.