Teacher Review for Poll Everywhere

Good, inexpensive, multi-platform poll website

Tracy Y.
Classroom teacher
Maranatha Christian Schools
San Diego, United States
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Setup Time More than 15 minutes
Great for Teacher-led lessons
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How I Use It
I was looking for a way to poll students with a variety of devices - some on iPads and some on desktop computers. This worked perfectly. The students were engaged, they enjoyed answering the questions and no one was left out. I used it when I had visiting students evaluating our program, and they were able to participate as well. I have used it with classes that have a few students who answer all the questions - with this I wait to discuss until all students have answered. This forces both the ones who don't pay attention and the ones who are shy to answer. I have used it to start a discussion, asking opinions and then allowing the class to informally debate their opinions. I have used it to collect data about different types of technology (iPads vs. laptops, etc.). I used it to review rules that students were supposed to know. The only thing that I would have liked to have done (and maybe it is available and I missed it), would be to have the correct answer shown to the students after they choose an answer.
My Take
This website allows you to create polls and use them with your classes. It was easy to create the polls and easy to execute them. It is great for getting the whole class involved, especially those students who shy away from answering questions. For my teaching purposes, it allows me to either quiz the students, or poll them for their opinions and then lead a discussion. As a learning tool, it allows the whole class to see what the thoughts and opinions of others are. I like that it is interactive with the students. I liked that it was multi-platform, so when I had a class with both iPads and desktop computers, everyone could answer. There wasn't anything about using it that I didn't like and the students shared my sentiments. They wanted to do it every class! However, I didn't like was the price. I used the free version (I liked that price), but to get all of our teachers on it would be cost prohibitive.