Teacher Review for Piktochart

Create snazzy visual aids to convey information

Caitlin M.
Media specialist/librarian
Shorecrest Preparatory School
Saint Petersburg, United States
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How I Use It
I used Piktochart in collaboration with a 9/10 history teacher. The assignment was to create an infographic based on a particular country, focusing on the time periods studied during class. Students were in groups of 2-3 and were allowed to choose any country and focus on any topic within that country. The set up was extremely easy - any resource that has single sign-in with Google is a plus. The user interface is very simple, making it easy to get started. What worked best: creating charts and graphs directly in Piktochart, having a library of clip art and images within the program to use, customization tools to make infographics unique. What did not work: there is no way to have multiple individuals working on the same inforgraphic - not having a way to collaborate was a huge drawback in a group assignment. Some students complained about the lack of choice, but others liked the choices provided.
My Take
Overall, I think Piktochart is an excellent infographic creation tool. I liked that it was easy, simple, and all work could be completed within the Piktochart interface. Adding additional clip art, graphics, and images along with customization of those items would allow for even more creativity. The biggest complaint about Piktochart is there is currently no collaboration feature allowing multiple users to edit the same infographic synchronously.