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Cutting edge information on the tragic subject of human trafficking.

Leonard R.
Classroom teacher
Calvert Hall College High School
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My Subjects Social Studies, Health & Wellness
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How I Use It
I teach a courses in morality and social justice. The topic of human trafficking is one that impacts all major and minor countries of the world. It is the second largest income for organized crime. The first one is drugs. This website allows me to find current research on the topic and allows me to use graphic, articles, and video resources to introduce my students to this most delicate issue. Human trafficking and human slavery. The PBS programs allow the teacher to put this issue into historical context and challenge adolescent minds to begin to see how they can be affective advocates for the victims of this most gruesome industry. What work was that the videos are needed to viewed before showing the students. Homework can be created from the articles that can be viewed either online or printed out depending on your students access to technology.
My Take
I feel for those of teaching social justice or an ethics course this website from PBS learning is a excellent one stop resource for subjects that apply to these courses. I feel it is also wonderful because there is both a free account or a paid account. I have used the free account and have not explored the difference between the free or paid accounts. I feel for students it is an excellent website for them to explore the origins of the issues that we discuss in the course. It has archival videos, newsreels, and documentaries that cover the subject areas we explore in the course. Also it allows them to create projects or alternative assessments using the material from the website. I feel this tool is a wonderful tool for all teachers. I teach in a Catholic school and at times I wish some material could be more religious freedom friendly.