Teacher Review for Padlet

An engaging, collaboration tool that's also great for a quick assessment!

Stacy V.
Classroom teacher
Burchfield Primary School
Allison Park, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health & Wellness
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My Students Liked It Yes
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I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Teacher-led lessons
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Great with Advanced learners
How I Use It
My first graders absolutely loving sharing their responses using Padlet!! I have chosen to use Padlet this year as both an "entrance" and "exit" ticket with my students to assess their learning from the day's lessons. I use the full iPad cart and my students keep their iPads on their desks throughout most of the day. So they are ready to respond on Padlet throughout various times of the day. The great thing about this website is that even if you only have access to a few iPads you can still use it in this way. You can place the iPads near a "check-in" spot in the classroom and upon entering or exiting your classroom the students can quickly respond by posting their answers right on the iPads. I have done this as well. If you do it while the students are arriving and checking-in or packing up for home you can avoid the rush of an entire class trying to post their responses all at once as the students can stagger entering their answers. We share out our responses during our morning meeting and it generates good discussion about the question posed. My students are not only eager to share their responses, they are equally excited to see what their peers had to say. I feel that my students have gained trust in their classmates and confidence in speaking about their ideas as well as articulating their thoughts. Because my students are so eager to respond using Padlet, the class as a whole is more actively participating as we practice the important skills we've been learning.
My Take
This web-based, virtual bulletin board is very user-friendly and quick to set-up. I was so excited when I learned about this website and thrilled that I would no longer need to use note cards for my "entrance" and "exit" tickets to assess student learning anymore! There are quite a few ways to share the Padlet wall I've created but with my first graders. I've found that the easiest way was for them to scan the QR codes (using the free i-nigma app) and it linked them directly to my Padlet wall and they were ready to respond! The nice thing is that it is flexible to use so you can really adapt it to meet your specific needs as a teacher. The students can post their name along with their response so you can check for their understanding. However, if you have students who are uncomfortable sharing, then you can assign them a number (that only you would know as the teacher) so they can feel free from the pressure that comes with responding in front of a group. Either way, it's a great way for you to assess student learning and to plan your upcoming instruction to fit your classes needs! I would definitely recommend giving it a try!