Updated May 2014

NRICH: Upper Secondary - Curriculum Content

Mixed bag of puzzlers challenge the mind, need better organization

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NRICH's Upper Secondary offering is an interesting collection of games and puzzlers that address a range of skills. While the site states that the content here is for 11th- and 12th-graders, there are a few activities that would be fine for students in sixth grade or above. It's important to know that the site was developed in the U.K., so some of the concepts and language may be unfamiliar. If you teach in the United States, give yourself some extra time to align NRICH's resources to your curriculum.

For your students, the games and puzzlers here are a rich resource for taking math concepts a step further than what they may be used to. Many of the activities are particularly useful for gifted students, or for anyone who thrives on unique opportunities to explore and expand their learning. Before starting a typical unit with your class, spend some time looking for activities that could challenge and inspire, based on what you know about your students. Work the activities in as follow-up exercises, or as an occasional extra challenge for students who've mastered the standard curriculum in your class.

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