Updated May 2014

NRICH: Lower Secondary -- Topics in Secondary Mathematics

Provokes mathematical thinking, but leaves organization behind

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NRICH offers thought-provoking, high-quality resources aimed at deepening kids' conceptual understanding of math. However, the site's scattered organization can make it challenging for kids to navigate. Further complicating things, NRICH is designed primarily as a resource for teachers and students in the U.K. -– the content here isn't Common Core-aligned. With that said, many of the site's mathematical concepts correlate, and there are some great resources to be found. Teachers can use NRICH for two main purposes: to increase their own mathematical knowledge and to find thought-provoking assignments for their students.

Students can benefit from many of the games and problem-solving activities catalogued on the site. Teachers should research, select, and point kids toward activities that best fit their individual needs. While this could be a time-consuming process, the sheer variety of resources can serve to seriously enliven your classroom.

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Sara H. , Special education instructor
Special education instructor
Tool to help with math instruction.
Overall this isn't a bad site to use. One problem I did have was that it was hard to navigate. I like things quick and easy and this was not that. It does have good resources for teachers like worksheets and links to other resources. I also like the weekly challenge problem that they give. It's a great opportunity for students to access at home and come in with their results. This site helps with teaching by giving multiple ideas for instruction and with the set-up that shows students a problem, how to ...
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