Teacher Review for Newsela

Current Events in Kid-Friendly Form

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How I Use It
NewsELA is a website that takes popular current event stories and transforms a nationally published article in a student-friendly Lexile level. Some articles include quizzes and some have Lexile levels that you can change to differentiate using the same article within a classroom for a broad spectrum of learners. Depending on its use and frequency, students tend to like these articles and appreciate that they can read about world events without being lost in their wordiness.
My Take
If the website included more interactives, it would be a huge plus. This way, students could go on the site, complete the reading and the comprehension quiz, but also explore further connections and truly enhance their learning. The way I most often use it now is for an introduction to a unit topic or to discuss a current event - I print the article and the students then mark it up for whatever our given purpose is. It would be nice to have more technology interaction with the content, especially for engagement purposes.