Teacher Review for NaturalReader

Poorly written and buggy product, support is close to non-existent

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My Students Liked It No
My Students Learned No
I Would Recommend It No
Setup Time More than 15 minutes
How I Use It
The intended use was to convert text to mp3 files. The software constantly crashing that requires restarts. Every now and then I get lucky and get a document converted, but there is no consistency. Most of the features that attracted me over competition were either missing, not working or not performing as they were supposed to. I contacted the support with a list of my issues and was told that i can either get a refund or wait for the next version that will address all of my issues. I made a mistake and agreed to wait for the next version. I waited and waited, but no new version was provided. My emails were ignored, all of them. And only after 6 month when their free upgrade to a new version period ends they responded to me stating that they are no longer able to give me a new version and it was too late for me to file a dispute with a credit card for a refund. After paying over $200 US I ended up with worthless, very expensive junk. While exchanging a quiet a bit of emails with Rebecca, probably fake name, who is the only one who ever responds their emails, I understood that this is a few people company that only cares about money. They do not care about their customers, reputation, product, nothing at all; just how much they can sell their worthless software. They will use every trick in a book if you try to request a refund or get a new version. They lie, cheat, trick....
My Take
Quality - this is not the main focus of the developers. Interface looks so old, feels like it was written in 90s. Software constantly crashing, features are overly exaggerated or not working. The full package is also the most expensive among similar offers from other companies. If you would like to get disappointed, frustrated, waste ton of money and time and get nothing out of it; this is the company to go with. Support, for the luck of better word is a joke. It is there just to answer a simple question and to lie and trick you if you want your money back or question non-working feature for which you paid money for. After giving up, I tried TextALoud from NextUp.com. The difference is day and night. No issues what so ever. I had no reason to contact support, but i did it anyways just to see how it works. This company is real and the product is superior comparing to natural reader. I made a mistake and i'm sharing my experiences so others can learn from it. I'm just an unhappy customer of natural readers and not associated nor affiliated with neither of the companies discussed here.