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Updated August 2013


This product is no longer available.
Turn a series of moments into a layered multimedia experience
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Common Sense Rating 3
  • Layer detail upon detail with this multimedia storytelling tool.
  • Media can be added directly from any of these web resources.
  • Stories are made up of "moments," which can be text, video, or photo-based.
  • Adding a location causes a map to appear onscreen in this moment.
  • Share or embed Meographs using social media.
The depth of info you can add is really cool, and the process is pretty intuitive.
It would be nice to be able to search Meographs by subject.
Bottom Line
It's an outstanding tool for putting together information, and there's some great content available to browse as well.
Polly Conway
Common Sense Reviewer
Classroom teacher
Common Sense Rating 3
Engagement Is the product stimulating, entertaining, and engrossing? Will kids want to return? 3

Creating a Meograph is really satisfying, as the end result looks great. The interface is intuitive, and while it's not a bundle of fun, kids should feel engaged once they begin telling a story here.

Pedagogy Is learning content seamlessly baked-in, and do kids build conceptual understanding? Is the product adaptable and empowering? Will skills transfer? 3

Putting together various types of information to create a rich story is a totally transferrable skill, and depending on what kind of content kids choose to present, Meograph could be very empowering.  

Support Does the product take into account learners of varying abilities, skill levels, and learning styles? Does it address both struggling and advanced students? 3

There's a chat box at the bottom of the screen for immediate questions, but you have to click over to the blog for any kind of FAQ or organized instruction.

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How Can Teachers Use It?

Assign Meographs for any kind of historical event; kids can collect video, images, and timelines, then put them together in a classroom presentation. It's a little like a slideshow, but with more depth, and kids should enjoy the process. You can also certainly create your own Meographs for teaching anything that lends itself to the format.

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What's It Like?

Editor's Note: Meograph (renamed Trio) has closed and is no longer available.

Meograph is a multimedia storytelling website that lets users put together a series of "moments" to create a story in four dimensions. What the heck does that mean? Well, it's actually pretty simple. Use the creation tool to add a few pieces of media to each moment -- for example, a photo, date, location, and some audio narration -- and you'll get a visual interpretation of that data. Continue to add more moments, and your Meograph will play like a video documentary.

Sign-up requires an email and password, and each Meograph can be shared via social media, email, or embedding into a blog. All Meographs default to public status, so make sure to set each one to private if you don't want them displayed on the main search page.

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Is It Good For Learning?

Making a Meograph looks overwhelming at first; click the How-To button and the most intimidating infographic ever appears. But once you get started, the process is pretty intuitive, and you're guided by prompts for every step. Meographs are great for research projects or class presentations, and they flow really nicely.

The search function could use some tweaking; it would be nice if there were a way to search by subject, especially for kids. As it is, Meographs are searchable by Newest and Most Popular. The most-viewed Meograph is "Life of Whitney Houston," followed by "Best Soccer Goals of 2012," and in third place, "Photosynthesis." As you can see, there's a real mix of published content, but with a little hunting, kids can find some quality stuff.

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