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Updated October 2014

Matific: 2nd Grade Games

Clever games challenge kids to think flexibly, become problem-solvers
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Common Sense Rating 4
Teacher Rating (1 Teacher Review) 5
  • Tag, lock, or view game sets and worksheets in four categories.
  • As students move a ball along a number line, there may be more than one right path.
  • Use geometry-related vocabulary to put the golf ball in the hole.
  • Practice sheets can be used for assessment or practice.
  • Teachers can view reports to track kids' progress.
Mieke VanderBorght
Common Sense Reviewer
Common Sense Rating 4
How Can Teachers Use It?

Matific's 2nd Grade math games are arranged in four categories: Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Measurement and Data, and Geometry. The first two are the most comprehensive, with the most games and practice sheets. Games involve basic math skills, but most require some problem-solving as well -- some problems are designed to have multiple solutions. Go for these more inquiry-based games, rather than those with a simple right-or-wrong answer, and explore possible strategies and solutions as a class.

It's probably helpful if kids have a basic understanding of the concepts, as the site doesn't offer explicit instruction. However, you might also try having students explore a topic on the site before you teach. The practice sheets can work as straightforward assessments or extra practice. But you're best off using the games to get kids thinking more flexibly. As students work through the program, use their profiles to gauge progress.

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