Updated October 2014

Matific: 5th Grade Games

Quick, engaging activities help kids question and explore

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Matific’s 5th Grade module includes 47 games and interactive practice sheets covering fractions, geometry, measurement and data, algebra, and base 10. You can sort the activities by topic or Common Core standard, or even match them with your curriculum (if you use enVision Math or Everyday Math texts). You'll have the flexibility to let your students explore the site, or give them a set assignment path. Because students get little in the way of concrete explanations or instruction, some could get frustrated, though the site's aim is to encourage kids' independent thinking. Through inquiry, kids should be able to use the activities to construct their own understanding around some of the topics.

Useful, well-designed teachers' guides are provided for some activities, though only a few are available for fifth grade. Use Matific to reinforce classroom work, giving students an engaging way to hone their skills. The program can also make homework much more fun, if students have access. Each activity takes about 15 minutes, making them perfect for quick assignments. Use Matific, along with your own instruction, to energize your classroom routines and increase students’ conceptual understanding.

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Cathy F. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Ada Givens Elementary School
Merced, United States
Engaging, interactive "episodes" build math concepts for grades K-6
I was thrilled to discover Matific while exploring Graphite Learning website. This kind of program, which gives students opportunities to explore and experiment with specific math ideas, is rare and much more valuable to my students than a tutorial or skills practice website. As each activity loads, the screen proclaims: Bringing back the Aha! moment. That it does. Accompanied by strategic class discussion with the recommended symbolic representations, lessons with Matific build number sense and mathema ...
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