Updated October 2014

Mathalicious: High School -- Geometry

Intriguing, real-world lessons help make geometry even more relevant

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Mathalicious' Geometry lessons focus on the topic's relevance, along with an added fun factor. Find lesson objectives, prerequisite skills, standard alignments, and handouts in the Plan section. The Teach section has a preview activity and a set of problems for your students. In the Reflect section, users can post and read comments. It might be great to read through some of these comments as a class -- you could even craft a class response. Lessons are aligned to five domains: Circles; Congruence; Geometric Measurement and Dimensions; Modeling with Geometry; and Similarity, Right Triangles, and Trigonometry.

All of the lessons here center around age-appropriate, real-world problems. For example, in "Cheese That Goes Crunch," kids calculate surface area and volume in order to determine the cheesiness of cheese-puff snacks. For any lesson, the lesson preview activities are great for small-group or whole-class work, as they typically require students to view a video and respond to open-ended questions. Afterwards, have kids complete the lesson problems in small groups. Follow up with a whole-class discussion to address any remaining questions. 

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