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Mathalicious: High School -- Functions

Teach tough concepts with engaging, everyday scenarios

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Mathalicious' Functions module includes a set of lessons addressing a number of Common Core standards using real-world problems. Lessons are organized into three sections. The Plan section helps teachers prepare and includes objectives, suggested prerequisite skills, Common Core alignments, and printable resources. In the Teach section, there's a preview activity and a set of problems. In the Reflect section, users can post and read comments. Three domains are addressed: Building Functions, Interpreting Functions, and Linear, Quadratic, & Exponential Models -- there's particularly thorough coverage for standards F.BF.1, IF.7, and LE.2

The lesson preview activities are great for small-group work before a more formal classroom lesson.  After discussing the preview activity as a class, have your students complete the problems in small groups. Follow with a whole-class discussion to address any remaining questions or ideas. The extension activities could also make great project-based learning opportunities.  

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