Updated November 2014

Math Snacks: Ratio Rumble

Learn ratios, defeat enemies with fast-paced potion-mixing game

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In Ratio Rumble, kids are challenged to create potions by following ratio-based recipes. To defeat their enemies, kids follow instructions to make equivalent ratios. A recipe may call for a mixture of 2:1, 3:1, and 3:4, or a potion may require kids to double a recipe. In early levels, kids work with two-part ratios (with whole numbers). Later, they work with three-part ratios (with fractions). The potions can either boost or weaken health, so kids have to think strategically. A Teacher Guide, a Teaching Video, and a list of Common Core standards coverage are included.

As with other Math Snacks games, Ratio Rumble makes for a great intro activity. It's best to turn your students loose with the game before teaching a formal unit on the topic. However, you might choose to show kids the intro video to get them interested. After they've had a chance to play a few rounds on their own, bring the class back together to discuss their experiences. Throughout the unit, as kids learn more about equivalent ratios, have them return to the game for practice and reinforcement.

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