Updated November 2014

Mangahigh.com: Algebra Meltdown

Fun, fast-paced game for solving one- and two-step linear equations

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Mangahigh's Algebra Meltdown challenges kids to solve one- and two-step linear equations. Kids are given an equation and must choose the correct solution to generate atoms that are guided through a nuclear reactor. If they take too much time or choose the wrong solution, the nuclear scientists blow their tops and kids lose points. With four levels of difficulty, the game can be used for a range of abilities.

This is a fantastically fun way for kids to practice algebra, but it's not a stand-alone instructional tool -- make sure your students have some experience with solving equations before they play. Set aside regular time at the beginning or end of a lesson for kids to play individually, as a way to build confidence and fluency. Challenge kids to earn personal-best high scores for each round. You can view individual game statistics to identify any areas for improvement.

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