Updated November 2014

Mangahigh: The Wrecks Factor

Cute graphics, useful practice save ships in trinomial factoring game

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The Wrecks Factor asks students to factor quadratics using a grid system in order to answer distress calls from ships by drawing a search area that corresponds with the necessary factors. With four levels of difficulty, three levels of help, plus a useful tutorial and reference materials, the game is bound to help students gain familiarity with factoring trinomials. The first level deals with positive numbers and coefficients within the trinomial. Later levels include negative numbers, subtraction, and squares, which will require changing the starting/ending corners for the drawn rectangle.

Make sure that your students are relatively comfortable factoring trinomials before beginning the game. Playing will help students improve their speed, but won't really allow for working problems out on paper. Game time will vary, as the better students do, the more extra time they're awarded. Encourage your students to play multiple times at each level, and with varying amounts of built-in help.

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Tawnya V. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Tolsia High School
Fort Gay, United States
Great way to learn math with challenging activities.
I feel this is a great learning product that challenges the students, it allows them to learn from their mistakes. I use it for supplemental purposes and the students can be on the site at school and at home. It also allows the teacher to help the students with the questions they have missed. The only thing I would change about the program would be if they program could give you a prescription of what path the students need to take to be more successful in math.
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