Updated November 2014

Mangahigh: Tangled Web

Exciting maze game requires strategy plus geometry, fine-motor skills

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Math, Critical Thinking

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Compute missing angles to reveal a path through a maze of tangled webs, then use the angled lines to pick up Glo-Flies to unlock the gate. Students will work against the clock to use a variety of angle geometry skills as they solve each level’s puzzle. The game includes 20 levels, plus 4 bonus levels. A thorough tutorial guides students throughout, teaching necessary concepts along the way.

Students in seventh grade and above are mostly likely to benefit from this game. Middle school students can practice their new geometry knowledge, while older students can hone their skills. The game is best used as homework or for individual play, after students have had lessons on computing angle measurements using related data. By the time students have played through all the levels, they should be comfortable computing angles quickly, and they'll be well versed in the related theorems and ready to develop proofs.

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