Updated November 2014

Mangahigh: Save Our Dumb Planet

Smart, speedy space game has kids solve different forms of equations

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In Mangahigh's Save Our Dumb Planet, students solve linear, quadratic, and cubic equations in order to fire missiles and protect Earth from space hazards. In each level, students are given coordinates and must choose a corresponding true equation that relates. Then, they'll have to calculate y for x in order to plot waypoints and guide the missile toward its target.

Students can move fairly quickly through each level, which makes the game excellent for targeted practice. Levels increase in difficulty, so those who know about linear equations can play levels 1 though 6, while students familiar with quadratic equations can play through level 12. Those familiar with cubic equations can play at any level. Have students play in pairs at the beginning of class as a warm-up, challenging them to finish as many levels as possible within their skill range. Allow students to use scratch paper if necessary, but encourage mental math as much as possible.

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