Updated November 2014

Mangahigh: Pyramid Panic

Shape up geometry skills with engaging, Egyptian-themed game

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In Mangahigh's Pyramid Panic game, kids test their geometry skills by determining the lengths of different parts of figures. As they solve problems, players build a path for a mummy to cross a pyramid's burial chambers and escape evil demons.

The game is great for independent practice and includes four skill areas divided into game "zones": lengths and areas with circles and triangles, lengths and areas in quadrilaterals, Pythagorean theorem, and trigonometry ratios. Before turning kids loose in the game, offer some classroom instruction on the concepts, then use the game as a warm-up activity or for extra practice. Have kids focus on specific zones, depending on where they might need extra practice. After they play, have kids discuss their results. Ask them to share their scores and to identify any areas in which they struggled.

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