Updated November 2014

Mangahigh: Pinata Fever

Fun, but frenzied, game of adding and subtracting negative integers

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Math, Critical Thinking

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This fast and furious game will have students adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers quickly as they swing to break piñatas, earning points as they collect gifts. Difficulty increases in each of three levels, and plenty of built-in help teaches students what they need to know, and promotes improvement where they lag.

Most likely targeted at sixth-grade students, this game is useful for any student comfortable with adding and subtracting the full range of integers. It's a fun way to get younger students thinking ahead, and for older students, it's a great review with built-in incentives. It can also prepare students to manipulate algebraic expressions and equations by solidifying foundational knowledge. Piñata Fever is best for individual play and study in a practice or review context.

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