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Lexia Strategies

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Amy B. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
South Park Elementary Center
South Park, PA
Lexia Strategies will individualize instruction, meet all students' literacy needs and give the teacher get instant data to drive instruction.
Overall, this program is amazing. Teachers have so much on their plate that this can take the guess work and the intense leg work it takes to create data-driven individualized instruction for each student in their class. Some may feel it is taking the creativity our of teaching, but I feel that there are plenty of other areas where teachers can still be creative. The pressure to meet the common core, move students forward in their reading goals, and teach differentiated classes everyday is a lot. This tool can help teachers show data and student growth without spending hours analyzing their own assessments. I am unsure how much this program costs, but if a school doesn't purchase it, it cannot be used by individual teachers. It seems similar to MobyMax where the school will purchase the program and then all of the teachers and students in the school have access to it. This can be pricey, which is a downfall. The other downfall is that the teachers need to actually use it for it to work. My experience with MobyMax is that if the teachers do not have access to computers for their students and if they are not educated properly on its use, they will find lots of reasons to not use it with their students.
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