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Essential Resource for Common Core Alignment

Liza C.
Cleveland, MS
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How I Use It
As a teacher educator I use Learnzillion's teacher resources to teach my pre-service teachers about the CCSSM. We use Learnzillion to unpack the CCSSM into individual lessons. The pre-service teachers then use Learnzillions objectives, slides, practice problems, application tasks, and video lessons in their planning of a full instructional unit. Next they implement their lessons during their field experiences. Finally, they reflect on their planning and teaching. In summary the pre-service teachers that I supervise benefit immensely from Learnzillion's resources and as a result their students do too! One of my pre-service teachers is currently planning a unit on G-SRT. She struggled to understand what lessons to reach to meet this standard. After watching the videos she had a conceptual understanding of the vertical and horizontal alignment of the standard and was able to unpack the standard into several objectives which later became her lessons. Learnzillion saved her hours of research. In one of her lessons she has her students working in heterogeneous groups. Each group uses tablets to view different one of four different proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem, then they present the proofs they learned to their classmates. The Learnzillion videos enabled this jigsaw activity to occur and as a result students have the opportunity to use the mathematics practice standards in their mastery of G-SRT.
My Take
Learnzillion offers a plethora of Common Core aligned resources, including lecture slides that you can use for whole class instruction, video lessons that you can assign to individuals or groups of students to view, practice exercises, application tasks, and supplemental resources for teachers and parents. Learnzillion enables you to flip your classroom and crat more individualized student-centered learning opportunities. The problems are appropriately challenging, engaging, and relevant to students' interests, Learnzillion is also a learning management system that allows you to create classes, schedule assignments for students, and monitor students' progress. All resources are designed by teachers for teachers. All resources are also aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Overall, LearnZillion helps teachers understand the CCSS and improve their teaching which in turn has a positive impact on student learning.