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LearnZillion: Algebra

Video lessons deliver smart, Common Core-aligned content

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LearnZillion's Algebra module is a collection of video lessons that cover a generous portion of the algebra Common Core math standards. Although not all standards are addressed, the alignment is tight, especially for Algebra I courses. Lessons offer detailed examples with animated diagrams to help students develop a solid understanding of key algebra skills. Lessons that cover standards A.REI.3, A.REI.4B, and A.REI.5 include supplemental lesson commentaries and guided practice problems.

These video lessons are an excellent way to reinforce classroom instruction. After introducing a topic use the Assign tool to give kids lessons and videos -- have them work in small groups. Make sure they take notes, and encourage them to pause the videos as needed. Later, discuss the example problems as a whole class. For an assessment, you can ask kids to collaborate and develop their own problems -- exemplars they could present to the class. 

Full Disclosure: LearnZillion and Common Sense Education share funders; however, those relationships do not impact Common Sense Education's editorial independence and this learning rating.

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Dwaina S. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
East-West School of International Studies
Flushing, United States
Video supports for class taught content
As a teaching tool I would use this to give students a tool to practice and reaffirm what was taught in class. I believe that LearnZillion has great potential in becoming a teaching tool that could inspire flipped classroom learning, however only if kinks are addressed and fixed. For lower level students who need reinforcement, this tool would work great. More advanced students might require something a little more extensive and challenging.
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