Teacher Review for LearnBop

An excellent resource for learners to amp up, learn, or practice math skills.

Susan R.
Classroom teacher
Lebanon High School
Lebanon, United States
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Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
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How I Use It
I used the trial offer (school is currently not in session) and set up myself as a teacher and myself as a student, practicing lessons and seeing from both sides how the system worked. Overall, the learnbop website worked beautifully. No hiccups, or glitches. Feedback was swift and appropriate and allowed for multiple opportunities for further instruction when needed. Concerned that the use of panda bears as reward may be deemed to juvenile for certain grade and skill levels. The ability of the teacher/coach to monitor progress is wonderful.
My Take
An excellent resource for learners to amp up, learn, or practice math skills. With a learning management system built in, teacher/coach can follow student progress and the system allows for self-directed and self-paced, individualized learning. Learnbop is an “automated tutoring system” for students in primarily grades 5-9. However, teachers, parents, students may find learnbop’s tutorial system great for any student struggling with, or interested in learning at a higher level than their grade level, or to reinforce unlearned or forgotten lower level skills. Learnbop’s tutorial system, personalizes learning by assessing current skills and providing instructive tutorials and exercises to fill in critical math skills. Teacher/coach has the ability to set up classes and follow student progress, and assign interventions through a contained LMS. Learnbop’s curriculum aligns with Common Core State Standards, and provides support documents. It is browser and tablet based. Feedback via panda bear character(s) seems somewhat inappropriate for skill level in some cases. Not sure a lot of 7, 8 and 9th graders would buy-in as a result. Perhaps to gamify with badges or other types of rewards might make this more appropriate. It is very easy for teacher/coach to set up an individual or class assignment. The built in calendar and drop-down list for assignments, as well as the assignment preview, all help teacher/coach determine the appropriateness of assignments created. The whole process takes less than a minute. While working through some of learnbop’s tutorial lessons and exercises, called bop’s, I found the scaffolding and instruction engaging and appropriate, explaining difficult math concepts in a easy to understand, demonstrated lessons, with student practice/participation immediately following the lesson. Student’s also have the opportunity to get immediate help if stuck on a bop, with a slowed down, step-by-step tutorial on the specific problem they are trying to answer. There is really no excuse for not completing assignments. The programming continues to break down the lesson into smaller, and smaller chunks with each request for help and/or incorrect answers. Learnbop’s built in progress meter allows students to fully monitor progress on understanding the lesson’s concepts, but does not seem to provide lesson completion information (such as percent completed successfully, or remainder to complete). Learnbop also provides email updates to students regarding progress. While there is a trial use offer, it is ultimately a paid fee service. Groups of teachers can be added, or schools can purchase the software and support. Depending on the type of service desired (per student, individual teacher, district or school, etc) will determine subscription price.