Updated August 2014

KQED: MindShift

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Mindshift, part of KQED News, is a blog that explores all aspects of teaching and learning with a focus on technology and media. Primarily aimed at teachers, posts are organized by category: Games and Learning, Big Ideas, Teaching Strategies, and Children and the Media. Teachers can subscribe to the daily newsletter to stay connected on timely educational issues. Some articles may have classroom applications, as well.

The article "Using Games for Learning: Overcoming the Obstacles" outlines common problems teachers face as they integrate games into their curriculum, as well as offering possible solutions. Articles about social media and online communication could be useful to teachers and schools as they work with parents around these issues. In addition, administrators or teacher leaders may want to integrate a particular article as a jumping-off point for professional development. 

Editor's note: In the past, the Common Sense Education blog has syndicated KQED's MindShift posts, and the Common Sense Education editorial staff has contributed posts to MindShift. However, Common Sense Education's reviews maintain editorial integrity and independence, and the editor who contributes to MindShift was not the editor on this review.

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